Handmade Denim Tote Bags

Why should you purchase a tote bag from Country Inspirations by Rosene?  Here are some of the reasons we believe our tote bags will please you:

 Tote Bags are GREEN!  Why not take this simple step to reduce your impact on the environment?

  1. Tote Bags are stylish!  By choosing the right color and print, our Cathedral Window Tote Bags can complement your style perfectly!
  2. Tote Bags are practical!  They are durable, and will last a long time.  Plus you will appreciate their generous size, and are sure to enjoy using your tote bag when shopping.
  3. Our tote bags are handmade in the USA!  None of our products are produced in a factory overseas.
  4. All orders over $30 ship free to the 48 States!

TOTE BAGS ARE GREEN!  Today many are concerned about their impact on their environment.  Tote bags are perfect for shopping trips.  Instead of using plastic or paper bags which many not be recycled, a tote bag may be reused again and again.  Many find that they prefer a large sturdy tote bag over a flimsy plastic or paper bag.  Especially when purchasing or carrying heavy items, a tote bag is quite handy!  Tote bags typically have wide handles, which will not dig into the palms of your hand as a typical bag might.

TOTE BAGS ARE STYLISH!  Handmade Denim Tote Bags are a great accessory for any sense of style!  Tote bags may be constructed with various materials and in different styles.  All of the tote bags from Country Inspirations by Rosene are handmade from denim.  Denim has been around for centuries, and has been used for various articles of clothing.  Everyone thinks of jeans when denim is mentioned, but denim is used for much more.  Denim jackets, denim coats, denim jeans, denim aprons, denim bib overalls, and the list could go on!  But denim has always been in style!  Perhaps the texture, use, or color varied, but denim is definitely a perennial favorite.  Denim has superior wear characteristics, and is extremely durable.  Denim is available in many different colors, but our handmade denim tote bags are available in two colors of denim, the Tan Denim and Classic Navy Denim.

All our tote bags have the unusual Cathedral Window pattern on the front.  Although it is not as well known as other patterns, it is very striking!  We find that the Cathedral Window pattern on the front of our tote bags gathers a lot of attention.  Both the Tan Denim and Classic Navy Denim Tote Bags are available in a variety of prints.  The Classic Navy Denim Tote Bags are particularly well matched with homespun plaids, giving a beautiful country look.  Of course, both colors of tote bags are available in more than just homespun plaids.  They are available in other floral and tone on tone prints.

TOTE BAGS ARE PRACTICAL!  Tote bags are a practical accessory.  How are tote bags used?  In a sense, they are just an oversized purse.  As such, tote bags may be used carry personal items, wallets, and more.  Tote bags can even be used in place of a diaper bag, especially for older toddlers who may not need so many “emergency” supplies as a newborn might. 

Both the Tan Denim and Classic Navy Denim Tote Bags are constructed from heavy duty denim.  The dimensions are 13x14.5”, and include the beautiful Cathedral Window pattern on the front.  An inside pocket is included, which is great for stashing keys or a wallet.  Our tote bags include wide 1” handles.  When your tote bag is loaded with heavy items, you will appreciate the fact that these wide handles do not cut into your hand.  The handles on our tote bags are not only wide for comfort, they are also durable!  You will not experience the frustration of ripped handles with a tote bag from Country Inspirations by Rosene! 

ALL OUR TOTE BAGS ARE HANDMADE in the US!  Every cut, every stitch, is all done in our home by either Rosene or Jeremy.  With the exception of the fabric, all our products are produced in our home.  You will not find cheap imports on our website!

ALL ORDERS OVER $30 SHIP FREE!  Why worry about shipping charges?  Purchase at least $30 (before shipping or taxes are applied) and products ship free to the 48 states!        

Navy Denim Tote Bag Denim Tote Bag